A few of our current needs...

In just the short time since moving from our 52 Clinic in Southwest Detroit, we've already seen amazing generosity from volunteers, friends, and corporate donors. This is nothing we can take credit for— God is good!

An Amazing Opportunity! God has opened a path for purchase of the building we've been leasing at an amazing price. See details in the blue box.

If you'd prefer to give a cash donation wherever it's needed most, we'd be grateful for that as well. Please share your name and address so that we can acknowledge your gift!

Building Purchase Opportunity

Welch Allyn Thermometer

5131 W. Bristol, Suite A

God continues to bless us! The owner of the building that we have been leasing has sold the building to us for $90,000. A major contributor from Seattle, Washington has already donated $24,000 towards this purchase, and by good stewardship of your ongoing donations we will use $21,000 from our current cash reserve as our down payment towards this purchase.

Welch Allyn ThermometerWelch Allyn ThermometerWelch Allyn ThermometerWelch Allyn Thermometer

We hope to raise an additional $45,000 during the next year to apply towards this purchase so that on August 15, 2024 we will own outright 5131 W. Bristol, Suite A with NO MORTGAGE OR LEASE PAYMENT to hinder our ability to carry out our mission.

Pray for God’s provision and be that if you can.