Saving Babies,
Changing Lives,
Building Community

The Luke Project is a ministry launched in 2016 out of love for mothers and their babies. The Luke Project provides Prenatal and Postpartum care to moms in need.  We serve women no matter who they are and where they have been, we believe that the mothers and babies that we serve were created in the image of God and should be treated with respect and love at all times.
     Relationships are the glue that will help our patients receive the prenatal care that they need. Instead of the patient being forced to enter the provider's culture, we will enter and adapt to theirs. It is time to provide loving, personalized prenatal and infant care in Jesus’ name to any mother who needs it- at no charge.

You make it possible.

There are many ways you can be involved with our mission. Although the staff is all-volunteer, your tax-deductible gift will provide for needs not covered by medical equipment and supplies donations.

Clinic volunteer with clipboard

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Because this is an all-volunteer clinic, 100% of your gifts will go to improve the lives of moms and babies in Flint, Michigan.

An informational class for moms